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Bondage Boutique Open Mouth Spandex Hood

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Full face bondage hood with open mouth for heightened sensory fun

Breathable, stretchy and comfortable for prolonged wear

A great alternative to a blindfold - no ties or buckles

Open mouth exposes lips and tongue for kissing, seducing and other oral pleasure

Conceals identity to enhance role play scenarios

Partially obscures wearer's vision to heighten anticipation

Even though bondage hoods may look scary, they're actually the perfect choice for beginner sensory play. Comfier than a buckle-fastened blindfold, this breathable mask slips on easily to obscure vision and leave the wearer thrillingly sensitive.

Leaving lips seductively exposed for kissing, licking, tasting and sucking (ooh err!) this hood won't get in the way of oral pleasure and does a remarkable job of heightening sensitivity for the wearer without fiddly buckles or straps.

Thanks to its stretchy breathable material, this hood is a great option for newbies to sensory play. It partially blocks light without obscuring vision entirely for a gentle introduction to sensory deprivation.

Unisex, machine washable and surprisingly soothing.

How it measures up

  • Length: 10 inches

How it feels

  • Contains latex: No
  • Material: Spandex
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