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Bondage Boutique Plush Sex Position Restraint with Cuffs

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Super-plush position enhancer for lifting the wearer's legs in the air

Ultra-squishy faux fur neck cushion offers supreme comfort and support

Nylon strapping supports legs and adjusts up to 45 inches in length

4 x Velcro-fastened cuffs adjust between 7 - 14 inches in inside circumference

Neck support and cuffs all made from beautifully soft faux fur

Wrist cuffs connect to neck support via quick-release clips

A position enhancer and bondage set, all in one, the Bondage Boutique Plush Position Master boasts seriously sumptuous neck padding, snuggly cuffs and strong Nylon strapping. In use, it comfortably lifts the wearer's legs in the air for effortless poise.

One of the best positions for G-spot and P-spot stimulation while in missionary, this position enhancer helps the bottom hold their pose, without muscle ache or cramp.

The U-shaped neck cushion (much like a travel neck pillow) measures 21 inches in length (around the curve) and is a chunky 3.5 inches deep for supreme squish and comfort, while 2 adjustable Nylon straps and a set of ankle cuffs raise the wearer's legs in the air.

To adjust how high their legs are lifted, simply shorten or lengthen the Nylon straps.

Use with the included faux fur wrist cuffs for full body restraint: simply connect them to each other using the quick-release clips, or attach them to metal D-rings located on the neck cushion for a hands-behind-head position.

How it measures up

  • Length: 53 inches

How it feels

  • Material: Faux Fur

Essential info

  • Fastening: Velcro
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