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Affordable Real Looking Sex Doll For Sale Aspen 165cmMy name is Aspen, I live alone in an apartment in Chicago. I work as the head of human resources at a plastic surgery clinic downtown. I love my job, but I’m under a lot of pressure because I have a lot of responsibilities. When I leave the clinic..
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Dark Red / Blue Eyes 160cm JoannaShe was the typical pre-college teen from Manhattan, New York before she vacationed in Japan for the summer. Joana found Anime to be an interesting kind of media she had never been exposed to before. It was sexy, kind of a sophisticated ‘cartoon’ style, but presentin..
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Product Code: WGD27650
B & B Owner 160cm HarleyHi. I’m Harley, yeah, like the motorcycle! (smile) I’m a happy go lucky kind of girl who always expects the best from people. But you know what? I’ve found sometimes when people talk to me and I make conversation right back, yeah… we’re both using English, but we’re not s..
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Product Code: WGD27725
BDSM Dominatrix 166cm HallieThis ‘little girl’ is not for the faint of heart, she’s one ride you’ll always remember as long as you remember, she’s ‘in charge’! Hallie grew up in Buffalo, New York, the second largest city in that state. Despite her obvious good looks, she never felt she had ‘control’..
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Product Code: WGD27779
Ripe On The Vine 160cm MarleyI’ve known Marley for a few years and watched her life with a great deal of interest. Lately, she seems a little sad, I think. She’s married with a couple of great kids, but you can tell she’s empty, searching and ready to blossom again emotionally.Her big brown sad eyes..
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Product Code: WGD27645
Beautiful Korean Celebrity 165cm IrisNamed after the Greek God of rainbows Iris, who was said to have used a rainbow as a bridge from heaven to earth, this beautiful Korean lady reflects the many aspects of the flower of the same name. Soft, long pedals, alive with delicate color, fragrant, and as a..
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Product Code: WGD27626
Girl Power! 169cm ViviannaItalian women are frequently seen as fashionable ladies of style and elegance, have an honest attitude to life in general, and are often cherished and thought of as beautiful princesses. Vivianna is no exception. She is the author of ‘The A to Z Seduction Guide’, that descr..
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Egyptian Expressionist 165cm AliciaGrowing up in Cairo, Egypt as a young girl, Alicia never dreamed she would be a successful and featured exotic dancer at Cleopatra’s Barge, a well known night spot on the Las Vegas strip. ‘My family are all still living in Egypt, and life is quite different there t..
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Product Code: WGD27747
Your Best Surprise 165cm PaigeHe may have found her too late… She is young, perfect in every way, even fulfilling a young man’s fantasies. He is 66, not dead yet, but alive with energy. Each man lives his own story in his own way, and his was not over this evening. He looked over the profile picture..
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Product Code: WGD27749
Bustin Bronks In The Honky Tonks 170cm TatumIt was last year in the small Texas town of Bryan where I met Tatum Martinez. Bryan is decidedly a ‘college town’ with all kinds of beautiful young women running as wild as stallions on the plains! Like any place with young women in Texas, you’re going to ..
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Champagne Blond Sexworker 165cm EllianaCiao! I am Elliana Darmos and new to your country and staying in the local hotel. I have business here now, they call it ‘escorting’. I call it fun! I started while I was still in college. I met an older gentleman and agreed to accompany him to a social event. ..
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Product Code: WGD27726
Swing for the Fences With LillianaLilliana grew up playing baseball and loves the way guys look in their uniforms. She watched you playing ball down at the park, and she wants you to hit a home run with her. After the game, she follows you down into the yellow clubhouse. The rest of the team takes o..
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