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Blonde Doll

Product Code: WGD27747
Your Best Surprise 165cm PaigeHe may have found her too late… She is young, perfect in every way, even fulfilling a young man’s fantasies. He is 66, not dead yet, but alive with energy. Each man lives his own story in his own way, and his was not over this evening. He looked over the profile picture..
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Product Code: WGD27693
Sports Groupie 160cm GemmaSome women are drawn to sports because they like to participate in the activity themselves… others get their ‘juice’ from hanging with sports figures well-known for their accomplishments in the game. Gemma, a tasty young brunette from Bangkok, likes to be in the action with..
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Product Code: WGD27761
The Designing MILF 158cm LenaIt had been a few years since my high school girlfriend and I broke it off for good, then one day at the grocery store, I ran into her stepmother Lena, curiously amusing herself sizing up a few cucumbers! I always thought she was hot and she seemed to like me too, so I b..
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Product Code: 29564
Relish the real-feel experience of this smoking hot sex doll, whose inflatable body is enhanced with realistic facial features, long blonde hair, hard erect nipples, and soft Cyberskin lips, pussy and ass. A removable masturbator enables easy clean-up. Plunge into her wide, accommodating mouth for ..
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Product Code: WGD27629
The Woman In Red 168cm AubreyThis Dutch actress began her career back in 2006 starring in several popular films. Known around the globe as Aubrey Vinke, a striking busty European blonde with deep blue eyes, further mesmerized the audiences of competitive dance programs in the U.S. and Great Britain...
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Product Code: WGD27723
Big-Game Hunting! 171cm KatieAs a long time member of the Boone and Crockett Club, Katie understands that increasingly scarce big game resources demand that all hunters embrace and promote the tradition of ‘fair chase hunting’.‘There are three main methods used by hunters today’, reports Katie, ‘sta..
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Product Code: WGD27691
Apparition Or Vision? 160cm LilaHometown girl, Lila, is from Galveston Island, Texas, born and raised. This beautiful young lady will make you rub your eyes in disbelief to make sure you’re not ‘seeing things’. Interestingly, she operates a ‘Ghost Bus Tour’ around the city. ‘Hey y’all! Yeah, I know ..
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Product Code: WGD27639
Northern Exposure 170cm ParisBorn in Anchorage, Alaska and daughter of a well known actress, Paris Johnson enjoys the many wonders of living in America’s northern most state. ‘Ya, it’s kind of a crazy place. You can’t drive everywhere, sometimes you have to fly a plane or take a sled to get there! W..
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Product Code: WGD27727
Wayward Stewardess 145cm ReaganBeing a stewardess is much easier and less competitive than it used to be, at least it has for me, Oh, sorry, I’m Reagan and I’ve had this ‘gig’ for a couple of years now. The crew and customers always tell me, ‘You look so cute and young!’ So I just give them that pol..
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Product Code: WGD27643
Living On The Edge 170cm ElizaEliza is the niece of a well known contemporary English actress (not to be named here). She possesses a likeness in her face and body. Her aunt mentored her from a young age to ensure she could find a career in the film industry one day. Eliza listened, studied hard and..
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Product Code: WGD27734
Accidental Anal! 158cm MaeveMy ex-boyfriend and I had gone out for dinner and drinks. Really, more drinks than dinner. We decided to take advantage of our ‘playful’ states of mind and go home and ‘get busy’! He was good at foreplay and got me good and juicy before penetration. Since he was so well e..
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