10 Frequency Silicone Wearable Sucking Vîbräting USB Rechargeable Chargeing Waterproof Wireless Clotoral Sucker Suction Vîbrätôrs for Women Female Couples RToj018

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100% waterproof, waterproof seal can be used for shower

10 different modes from gentle to wild, let you have the new experience

USB recharging device is safe and convenient and environmentally friendly.

Easy Clean - Ergonomic Detachable Design Facilitates Quick and Easy Cleaning.

Packaging and Quality Assurance - Private packaging. The use of externally invisible packaging can avoid the inconvenience of transportation.

Warm tips:
* Do not use alcohol, gasonline or acetone cleaners.
* Do not put the product directly into boiling water to clean it.
* Avoid direct sunlight and do not expose the product to high temperature environment.
* Do not use the product under swollen or damaged skin.
* For adults only, please keep the product out of the reach of children.
* This product is a personal belonging, not for mix use of many people for your health, and the use shall be immediately stopped if discomfort or irritability appears.

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