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Bundle of 2 Items: LeLuv Teardrop and New Double Penis Rings Figure 8 Sex Toys Silicone Time Delay Erection Cock Rings for Men Sex Adult Sexy Penis Rings Chastity

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Bundle of 2 Items: Teardrop & Figure 8 Silicone Cock Rings

Durable liquid silicone is extremely soft and stretchy material

Extra thick , seamless design for added comfort and performance, always returns to its original shape

Compatible with water-based lubricants, DO NOT USE silicone-based lubes

Available in Black, Blue, Purple, and Red

Male Studflex constriction rings enhance stamina with the durable liquid silicone material that is extremely soft and stretchy, but retain their size between uses. Extra thick design for added comfort and performance is compatible with water based lubricants, NOT compatible with silicone lubricants! Seamless design available in Black, Blue, Purple, and Red. Separator enables both testicles and base shaft to be restricted

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