2019 New Personal Massager Cup Men Manual Enlargement Toy Vacuum Pump Design Air Extender Prolong Enhancer

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100% discreet packing to protect your privacy. Contact us if anytime you need.

Material: ABS+100% medical silicone sleeve.Vacuum physical helping Érêctîôn has no damage or side effect on body.Waterproof design, so easy to washing.

Easy application allows use in your own home or any private area. All-natural: No medicine, injections or operations.Increase your manhood easily, quickly and painlessly.Clear chamber with measurements so you can see the results.Easy push button purge valve. Absolutely free of side effects.

The Pressure Gauge shows the detail data to so easy to understanding the training intensity. distributed in varying sizes, so you have no need to worry about the size.

Advanced pump trigger with valve is designed for easy, effective pumping and instant pressure release.

Pay attention to hygiene before and after use
Put back to the box after use,keep dry and cool
Contact us if anytime you need.

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