6 Piece Erotic Playset - &quotTrust Me” - Soft and Sexy Handcuffs, Feather Tickler, Oil of Love, Honey Dust, Love Liquid, 12 Play Cards - Limited Edition Kit by Kama Sutra
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6 Piece Erotic Playset - "Trust Me” - Soft and Sexy Handcuffs, Feather Tickler, Oil of Love, Honey Dust, Love Liquid, 12 Play Cards - Limited Edition Kit by Kama Sutra

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*EXPLORE YOUR ADVENTUROUS SIDE: Discover the limits of intimacy and excitement you and your partner can achieve with a play set filled with items that will only enhance the passion.

*PLAYFUL, SENSUAL HANDCUFFS: Are you ready to take a ride on the daring side? Our set comes with a pair of soft, gentle handcuffs with lace detailing to start your bold sexual adventures.

*A SENSUAL FEATHER TICKLER: For a more fun and erotic time, our feather tickler stimulates various senses within your partner providing you with a sexier way to enjoy alone time.

*STIMULATING PLEASURE PRODUCTS: Our “Trust Me” playset contains Oil of Love, Honey Dust, and Classic Love Liquid, all of which are body safe and great for increasing the fun and arousal.

*KAMA SUTRA PLAY CARDS: Explore you and your partner’s wild side with the included set of 12 Kama Sutra cards made to fill the atmosphere with romance and tantalizing excitement.

Ever wanted to explore the wild side of your sex life but never knew where to start? Kama Sutra’s erotic play sets are here to help you not only test the waters but to provide you with the ultimate sexual experience you’ve been looking for. Make fantasies come true as find the right way to give and receive pleasure.


Kama Sutra His & Hers “Trust Me" Erotic Playset
Sexy Handcuffs with Gentle Restraints
12 Kama Sutra Play Cards: 10 Kama Sutra Position Cards and 2 Wild Cards
Honey Dust - Chocolate Caress (56 g)
Oil of Love - The Original (22 ml)
Love Liquid - Classic (6 ml)
Great Valentine’s Day Gift


Knowing what exactly are your likes and dislikes in the bedroom can be tricky when you don't know how to begin looking for them. Our playsets guide you through the process of fully mastering your sexual play activities so you can always find the perfect amount of pleasure each and every night. Come out of your shell and let us provide you with the necessary items you and your significant other need to feel physically, spiritually, and emotionally satisfied.


A great sexual experience plays a big role in our everyday lives and not attaining maximum desired pleasure can negatively affect us outside of the bedroom. With Kama Sutra, you're on your way to experiencing invigorating, thrilling, and exciting sexual activities so you go on to live a much less stressed and much more cheerful lifestyle. Discover, learn, and play - let your imagination run wild and make love better with us!

Collect all four limited-edition playsets to spice up your life a different way every time: "Surprise Me", "Arouse Me", "Trust Me", and "Feel Me" each with lovely decorated packaging. Are you ready to enhance your sex life?

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