12 Pcs Temporary Tattoo Stickers, Waterproof Temporary Tattoo,Black Body Tattoo Stickers For Women,Men,Halloween,Party,Masquerade

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【12 Pieces/LOT】--Temporary Tattoos Sticker in package.【Size】: 21x11.4CM 8.3"x4.5"

【Long Lasting】--Keep For 3-5 Days Vintage 3D Temporary Tattoos

【EASY TO Apply】--10-20 seconds with just water and easily removed by baby oil.

【SAFE】--NON-TOXIC, meet rigid safety and NON-TOXIC materials standard.

【Beauty&Realistic】--Show off your fake tattoos anywhere!! You can stick the tatoo on shoulder,wrists,fingers,waist,sleeve,back,legs,Body arm,Sexy chest,hand,feet,neck and any other part of your body art.Great For Party,Wedding,Holiday,Swimming the beach,Summer Style,festivals,pool,Traveling,Club and more...

How to use:
1️. The skin must be completely clean and dry.
2️. Cut out the tattoo of choice and remove the clear sheet.
3️. Place the tattoo face down on the skin.
4️. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a wet sponge or something wet.
5️. After 10-20s, gently lift the corner of the tattoo to check if it is transferring. If it has transferred, gently peel off paper. If not, press down again and wet again.
6️. Allow the tattoo to dry, gently rinse the image with water for best effect.
How to remove it?
− Dab tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Wait 10 seconds, rub alcohol or baby oil until removed
Package Included: 12 Sheets Tattoo Sticker
Color: like the picture show
Size: 210mm X 114mm
Type: Temporary Tattoos
Material: Glue and Ink
Keeping the time of Tattoo temporary stickers: 2-3 days
NOTE: As the skin Metabolism causes oily substance will lead to the fading of temporary tattoo, the pattern lasting time varies with the position of you stick it.
How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer?
 − Use a soft brush, such as a makeup brush, to gently apply a thin layer of talc or baby powder to the surface of the tattoo.
 − Do not apply to sensitive skin or near eyes.
− NOT for children under 3 years old.

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