10 sheets 3D Halloween Tattoo Sticker 2021 new Halloween Temporary Tattoos Halloween scary wound Stickers for Man Women Adults Halloween Cosplay Party Decoration

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1. Packing: 10 packs of scary wound tattoo stickers, enough for your Halloween use. The non-repetitive pattern is enough for you to perform in your own style and can be pasted on the arms, shoulders and any other parts of the body.

2. Durable:waterproof and detachable: it can be easily applied within 10 to 20 seconds with just water. The tattoo patterns can be easily removed with household alcohol or baby oil. The tattoo is not only waterproof but also durable and can be used for a long time in parties.

3. Horror atmosphere: The scar effect is realistic and can be pasted anywhere on the body. When you play as a zombie or other scary characters, it is a good helper for you to scare people. It is enough to make you shine in the Halloween party decoration.

4. Fun gifts: These tattoo stickers are loved by boys and girls. In this special season, they can be given to your friends as prizes or gifts. They will love this fun and scary gift.

5. Worry-free after-sales service: We have a refund and satisfaction guarantee for Halloween temporary tattoos. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please buy it to have fun!

Do you want to stand out on Halloween?Imagine that lifelike and scary scars suddenly appear on your face and body. Under the dim light, is the bloody you scared? 

This product will allow you to get the focus of the party on Halloween 2021!

Packing: Set of 10 sheets. 

10 Different scar stickers, which can be pasted on arms, shoulders and any other parts of the body. 

Make your dress more terrifying!

Instructions for use:

First, make sure your skin is really clean, cut out the pattern you pasted, and then cover it on the skin and wet it with water.

 Refer to the step picture above.

Keep time: 2-5 days (do not clean it)

Removal: You can easily wipe the tattoo with household alcohol or baby oil, or gently wipe with warm water for 10 seconds.

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