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Busty Blonde European Queen Sex Doll Aubrey 168cm

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The Woman In Red 168cm Aubrey

This Dutch actress began her career back in 2006 starring in several popular films. Known around the globe as Aubrey Vinke, a striking busty European blonde with deep blue eyes, further mesmerized the audiences of competitive dance programs in the U.S. and Great Britain. Though most of her steps are ballroom, she does have abilities in both modern and jazz dance styles.

Sometime later, this D cup celebrity broke into the fashion industry as a sought after model and again, earned a loyal international following.

So what’s next?’, she was recently asked. ‘Oh, well I’m not really sure. My biggest talents have been discovered for the most part, but you never know what may present itself. For example, I was asked about theater and even some films in the porn industry, oh my god! I think my daughter would absolutely ‘kill’ me if I did that, though, I’m an adult and if they think I’m still a ‘hot property’, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities I suppose. They do have some websites now like ‘Redtube’, which is a kind of ‘high class’ porn I might do if it’s tasteful.

Do you think I’d look good in nothing but heels and black garter belt?

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