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Premium Life Size Silicone Sex Doll Daisy 165cm

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Little Beautiful Badger 165cm Daisy

Daisy is a direct descendent of the Western Cherokee Indian Chief Takatoka. She is a full blooded native American Indian who lives and works in the same region the Cherokee occupied over 200 years ago, just to the west of what is now, Murphy, North Carolina. She has completed her education and is working as a local representative for the U.S. Department of Indian Affairs.

It is quite interesting for me at this moment, given my native ancestry and living in modern times as a woman. My father always encouraged me even though our culture does not view women the same as men. I have held onto many of our traditions, while at the same time, embraced the world and our standing as it is today. Technology is very foreign to many of my family, but I have learned to use it in my ‘battles’ for my tribe’s human rights.

I am not all business though. I have come to appreciate much that contemporary society offers. Computers, the vast variety of music, travel, women’s rights and the fact that there are less and less barriers to meet and know people different from myself. And, oh ya, online dating is pretty cool too! (smile) I have met some real ‘hunks’ who like my B cup breasts, tight butt, and my long braided hair… who knew a guy could get turned on by that? Anyway, lets ‘powwow’ sometime and see where it goes…

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Height: 165cm
Bust: 82.5cm 
Waist: 58.5cm
Hip: 86cm
Net weight: 28kg
Package size: 160/50/40cm
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