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Black Teenager Sex Doll Petty Girl Alivia 165cm

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A Woman Refrained 165cm Alivia

This breathtaking brunette with stoic deep brown eyes, is a little known model for a department store chain. Her beautiful body is the perfect backdrop for pretty women’s under garments. Alivia holds a secret though. She is not a celebrity, someone shuttled around the world on private jets. She does this work because she can, though is waiting for a life beyond this ‘little job’. Her secret may be mundane or even viewed as ‘stupid’, but she waits. That is her secret. She has kept herself through being a pretty young girl, teenager, and now, an incredibly sensual woman, waiting for that special relationship she has never had.

Many people can exercise restraint. And some can even delay gratification, putting their dream on hold, until the right thing comes along. But to take the step by step of your commitment when it is not sunny, fun and ‘easy’, is the point of her story. Alivia’s dreams are not astronomical, rocket science that you and I can’t comprehend. Remember that last time you said you were gong to do something, and no ‘matter what’, you were going to do it? Alivia is not simple, not out of touch with things, she is just waiting to give her whole heart and self away! Will it be to you?

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Height: 165cm
Waist: 58cm
Hip: 90cm
On the chest: 91cm
Under bust: 66cm 
Leg length: 87cm
Thigh circumference: 49cm
Foot long: 21.5cm
Neck circumference: 28cm
Vaginal depth: 17cm
Underarm length: 60cm
Arm circumference: 22cm
Shoulder width: 35cm
Weight: 36kg
Thickness: 39cm
Package size: 157/40/28cm
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