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Black Cute Sex Doll Gemma 160cm

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Sports Groupie 160cm Gemma

Some women are drawn to sports because they like to participate in the activity themselves… others get their ‘juice’ from hanging with sports figures well-known for their accomplishments in the game. Gemma, a tasty young brunette from Bangkok, likes to be in the action without having to make the action happen on the field. She does like the muscular guys who make sports interesting. She isn’t a slouch either, she brings an amazing body to the table herself! Just check out the pictures..!

Gemma does not pride herself on being a ‘cleat chaser’ by any means. She has her own business, friends and interests. She just happens to like volleyball. Maybe its all that running, fancy foot-work, or the colorful uniforms? Who knows? A friend recently commented, ‘Gemma, honestly, loves the smell of male sweat. It’s like some damn aphrodisiac or something… She’s even got some ‘categories’ to catalog the smells. Some are sweet, some are ‘heady’, others woody, oriental, fresh. Her ‘list’ goes on and on. I’m sure there are more she hasn’t yet discovered, but the thing is, those smells make her wet, no, maybe even lubricated and greasy! Either way, sweaty guy, you’re gonna slide in to home plate! Safe!

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Height: 160cm
Shoulder width: 35cm
Neck circumference: 29cm
On the chest: 83cm
Under Bust: 69cm
Waist: 60cm
Hip: 90cm
Vaginal Depth: 16cm
Anal Depth: 15cm
Oral Depth: 12cm
Arm length: 60cm
Palm length: 17cm
Leg length: 80cm
Foot long: 21cm
Weight: 42kg
Package size: 150*40*30cm
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