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Fat Sex Doll Chubby Love Doll Kailani 162cm

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Fat Or ‘Phat’? 162cm Kailani

People should be more careful with the labels they sling around to other people. Since I was a snotty-nosed little girl I have been hung with all kinds of names… As a kid, it started out with names like ‘tub of lard, chubby, fatty, cow, blimp, chunky, Big Momma, pig and Jello-Jiggler!’ I don’t mind saying, if I ever have my own kids, that kind of mud slinging just won’t be acceptable. When I was little, those names really hurt! Once I got in to high school, the names changed, but the meanings were about the same…

Chunkle, up gross and personal, chair crusher, plumpette, salad dodger, wide body, big mac, thunder thighs, two stooler and of course, jenny craig drop out!’ By then, I was getting used to the abuse, but my body started a subtle changes. Flab slowly gave way to muscle. I no longer was ’round’, but started to look ‘curvy’. Yet, even in college, I would hear names like ‘chin hoarder, thick, obese, shuffling pancakes and abdominal snowman.’

Now as a ‘phat’ woman, I can look back and laugh. Nowadays, a woman with a body like mine is in demand, not just attractive and not only desired, but ‘on the hot sheet!’ I’m first in line now, and I intend to enjoy myself a little… By the way, being a redhead scores extra points I don’t even need!

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Free Gifts: Sexy Underwear x 1, Gloves x 1, Comb x 1, Vaginal Heater x 1, Vaginal Irrigator x 1, Blanket x 1.


Height: 162cm
On the chest: 100cm
Under bust: 73cm
Waist: 61cm
Hip: 106cm
Leg length: 75cm
Arm length: 64cm
Foot long: 21cm
Vaginal Depth: 18cm
Oral Depth: 13cm
Anal Depth: 16cm
Net weight: 49kg
Gross weight: 56kg
Package size: 150*42*33cm
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