Sexiest Adult TPE Love Doll Mature Sex Doll Briella 170cm
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Sexiest Adult TPE Love Doll Mature Sex Doll Briella 170cm

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Sexiest Adult TPE Love Doll Mature Sex Doll Briella 170cm

Briella is a 170cm sex doll built for love. Her thick body wants to do nothing but fuck. She strips in the evenings, but it doesn’t fulfill her. After a hard night of dancing naked on the pole, she wants to come home and be your private dancer. Every inch and curve of her 170cm sex doll body is yours. She enters the bedroom and makes you sit in the chair.

Slowly, she teases her red hair with her fingers and traces her body with her fingertips. Using her favorite dance moves, she grinds her curvy ass on your lap. You reach out and take hold of her waist. You beg her to strip for you. Laughing, she turns to lick her face and you grin at the bits of glitter still stuck on her cheek from work.

She slips out of her top and jeans. She bends over when she peels her tight jeans off and she puts her plump ass is in your face. Briella shakes it for you and you put your face in it. You stand up and spin her around. Her sexy lingerie turns you on even more. The heat between you and Briella is molten. Tugging down on her bra, her large plump breasts are unleashed. They hang heavy and she wants you to bury your face in them. Licking her erect pink nipples, you grab her waist and slide the panties off from her garter belt.

You look at her pussy and you pose her 170cm sex doll body on your rock hard penis. She lets you guide her onto your shaft and you begin to thrust into her. She loves dancing for other men, but she brings home her lusts for your cock only. She bucks on you and soon you explode into her. Panting, you lift her sexy plump body off you and lay her on the bed.

Briella is a 170cm sex doll many men dream of when they watch her dance on the stage, but what she really wants pumping into her plump body is you.

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Height: 170cm
Bust: 102cm
Waist: 54cm
Hip: 97cm
Shoulder width: 35cm
Arm length: 52cm
Hand length: 16cm
Leg length: 86cm
Foot long: 20cm
Arm circumference: 25cm
Neck circumference: 22cm
Thigh circumference: 55cm
Calf circumference: 35cm
Net weight: 41kg
Gross weight: 53kg
Package size: 159cm*42cm*34cm,ready-to-ship (RTS) online retailer,bulk & wholesale and OEM/ODM e-shop of Sex Toys © 2024