Adult Lifelike Redhead Sex Doll For Sale Blakely 145cm
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Adult Lifelike Redhead Sex Doll For Sale Blakely 145cm

Product Code: WGD27784
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Adult Lifelike Redhead Sex Doll For Sale Blakely 145cm

Blakely likes the movies. She wants nothing more than to sit at home and take in a movie on television or to chill with something on a streaming service. She plays with her red hair and lets the film take her to places she’d never been before. Blakely uses her imagination to picture what she’d do to you in a movie. While you sit next to her and watch the movie she picked, you glance down at her large breasts. Her 145cm sex doll body is ready for you to play a role in a new film. She lets you run your fingers across her tank top. You let your fingers dance around her hard nipples and you tug on them. This red hair sex doll feels ready for her big scene. Laughing, you tease her about being on the casting couch as you pull the tank top off over her head revealing her big beautiful breasts. She begs you to let her addition for a role in your next film. You unbutton her pants and slip her jeans off her long legs. She’s ready for her big break.

Blakely lets you explore her ass and take her panties off with your teeth. You tell her you have the perfect role for her. Turning her 145cm sex doll body over, you take in her ass high in the air. Her red hair sex doll head is facing down and you play with her vagina. She comes with a shaved pussy, but you can pay to have her keep some fiery red hair between her legs. She lets you go deep into her. Blakely wants to be in your movie bad and will fulfill your every desire to get her way. Pumping into her life-like body, you tell her she has the part as you climax inside her. Blakely is happy she could be in your fantasy movie and waits for you to pose her 145cm sex doll body and fuck again. She’s always ready and wants to perform for you.

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Height: 145cm
Bust: 77cm
Waist: 51cm
Hip: 82cm
Shoulder width: 32cm
Arm length: 43cm
Hand length: 15cm
Leg length: 77cm
Foot long: 18cm
Neck circumference: 33cm
Net weight: 29.4kg
Gross weight: 38kg
Package size: 132cm*40cm*29cm,ready-to-ship (RTS) online retailer,bulk & wholesale and OEM/ODM e-shop of Sex Toys © 2024