Purple Reins Bondage Matte, Black bag
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Purple Reins Bondage Matte, Black bag

Product Code: WGH0001
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*Padded bondage back mat for full body, with head, hand and foot restraint

*Mat dimensions: 40 "x 28" (100cmx71cm)

* All cuffs and collar are 2" (2.5cm)wide and have a light foam for extra comfort

*Cuffs are on the mat with straps but can also be removed and used independently

*Sleeve size is can be adjusted using the velcro for wrist and ankle of approx. 7.5"-10"(19.1 – 25.4 cm) and collar is adjustable and suitable for neck from approx. 0.45"-16"(11 – 39.4) cm

Take control of their BDSM play.

This attractive fabric mat at a low price offers lightness, Storeability and affordability.

Generously padded seat provides comfort for your sub Integral Velcro fastener cuffs and collar are both keep it or hilflos Spring Festival. Hammocks are so last year,.

They are very good for those on a dungeon or, playroom, but a little bit hard to to store on the back of the coat rack if your mother-in-law, or the kids around. This versatile and non intimidating pad provides the perfect solution, because it can be folded up; Sleek, Nichtmarkenerzeugnis bags when not in use.

In fact, when it's not suitable for a collar at one end and adjustable foam lined back cuffs at each corner, it can be easily be put the wrong to create an extra soft and luxurious black and purple yoga mat. With 4 cuffs and a collar, the solution to any one of the 8 connection points Custom Back is a piece of cake. Plus, this padded mat has a stiff frame in the top and bottom shoot lengths and curling stick to prevent roll, that your sub.

What is more, the collar can be removed and lets you make and receive your sub as due to sewn-in loop turns into a handy, when detached. It is an ideal choice for BDSM beginner's instrument or those who from time to time, but it is tough enough for repeated use – Hope as it was your own lover.

Team it with a violet reins for beginners bondage kit and you 're a hell of a ride. (whether you are giving a little bit your yoga practice according to the nagging and thrill your captive lover is completely up to you).

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