SEX SWING with Yoga exercise “BAHAMIAN THRILL”,a mixture of classical Hatha Yoga and cloth acrobatics
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SEX SWING with Yoga exercise “BAHAMIAN THRILL”,a mixture of classical Hatha Yoga and cloth acrobatics

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*Sex Swing with Yoga exercise

*suitable for aerial yoga, but also for much more

*the fabric can be extended up to 140cm, so that the whole body weight can be put into the towel if needed (for people who like it more comfortable, ideal also for beginners)

*extra-long (also for standing positions) and height-adjustable foot straps for feet, legs, arms or hands

*with highly elastic special spring for weightless pleasure

Just let your imagination run wild and enjoy sex with acrobatic flights of fancy!

This is possible with the love swing model “Bahamian Thrill”. We were inspired by the fascinating fabrics, shapes and colours as well as the almost endless possibilities of aerial yoga swings.
This is actually a mixture of classical Hatha Yoga and cloth acrobatics. The terms “Aerial Yoga” or “Anti Gravity Yoga” perfectly describe the feeling of weightlessness in the cloth. If you combine this with hot lust and ecstasy, you will be taken to the 7th heaven of the senses!
With “Bahamian Thrill” you can realize absolutely ecstatic positions, which would be unthinkable without the generous fabric panels and let you float away through a unique feeling of lightness and play with pure pleasure.
The body weight is partly or completely put into the cloth, which also allows demanding positions for the beginner.
In contrast to the “normal” Anty Gravity Yoga scarves, “Bahamian Thrill” not only has a variety of additional holding options, but also offers height-adjustable foot rests (which can also be used for arms or hands).
The possibility of hanging this somewhat “different” Yoga Swing on just one point instead of the usual two points on the ceiling thanks to the solid trapeze bar is also particularly appreciated (but you can also hang it differently, the enclosed special snap hooks also leave many other suspension possibilities open).

And as a special “delicacy” we have generously upholstered the edges of the cloth and the foot rests so that nothing stands in the way of your many future hours of play and fun.

The cloth panels are made of extremely robust and for the body most pleasant two-layer parachute silk. The noble fabric not only impresses with its tear resistance, but also with its surface, which shimmers slightly depending on the incidence of light and gives it an incomparable effect with the play of colors of black and the different cheerful colors. Also the processing of the sex swing with the double and triple seams is very complex and contributes to the fact that you will enjoy this love swing for a long time. Suspension is via a proper, noble and extremely stable trapeze bar. This not only looks very stylish and gives the swing the certain "Cirque du Soleil" flair through the combination of the shiny balls and silk matt rod, but also allows you to hang the swing at only one point. The included suspension spring, which can open even with little weight, allows you to experience weightlessness. At higher loads you can also use the Swing without the spring, because the additional rope (breaking load 800 kg) can withstand almost anything. With this rope you can easily adjust the Swing to different ceiling heights without having to bother with knots.

Technical  Specification:

  • Total length of the cloth web: approx. 140 cm
  • Height of cloth from trapeze bar: approx. 110 cm
  • Max. Length of foot straps from trapeze bar: approx. 130 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg with spring,ready-to-ship (RTS) online retailer,bulk & wholesale and OEM/ODM e-shop of Sex Toys © 2024