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Prostate play is the name of the game with this extra-quiet silicone massager. Tapered for easy ..
US$24.99 US$10.00
Looking for a chastity device that you can wear for long periods of time without suffering disco..
US$99.99 US$40.00
The largest of the CB-X cock cages, The Curve is especially designed to fit guys with longer sch..
US$99.99 US$40.00
Trap your manhood in 3.25 inches of medical grade polycarbonate for chastity that's comfortable ..
US$109.99 US$44.00
Tease, control and fulfil your lover during chastity play with Bondage Boutique's luxury chastit..
US$29.99 US$12.00
The world's best selling chastity device has had a makeover and now, it's even better! With all ..
US$129.99 US$52.00
The ultimate male chastity device - but smaller! The CB-6000 is renowned for its ease of use and..
US$99.99 US$40.00
Get your lover on lock down with this lockable chastity belt for women. Padded, adjustable and f..
US$29.99 US$12.00
We're not screwing around... This cock cage is for serious peenitentiary players only. With a so..
US$49.99 US$20.00
Bored with BDSM? Sick of him spanking you in the sack? Up the ante and Dominate him with orgasm ..
US$49.99 US$20.00
Imprison your pecker in pink polycarbonate for prohibition pleasure aplenty. P-hew! Purpose-buil..
US$99.99 US$40.00
"Make an EXACT rubber copy of ANY vagina!" screams the box. And yes, you can make an exact silic..
US$19.99 US$8.00
Take and be taken by this marvellously buff body. Designed for men, women and couples to play ou..
US$499.99 US$424.99
Look upon my quim, ye lusty, and delight! Immortalise your favourite set of lower lips in silico..
US$59.99 US$24.00
Fetish-loving fellows, rejoice: this sleek, sensual latex leotard is here to kickstart your kink..
US$39.99 US$16.00
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